Sunday, March 30, 2014

5 Months 3-20-14

Eisley is 5 months old! We really can't believe that she's nearly half-a-year old already!

-Eisley is 14.9 pounds! This is a quite a bit more than last month, so we're really excited!

-She is still wearing 6 month clothing but it's starting to get snug. We're thinking we might been to make the switch to bigger clothing soon! I'm hoping it starts getting to be short-sleeve, cute dress wearing weather! :)

-Eisley is eating solids at least once a day at this point. She enjoys avocado (which I think is so gross, but am happy she likes it!), sweet potato, butternut squash, and peas. We are looking forward to introducing fruits to her in the next month, and are hoping she still enjoys her veggies, too! :)

-Eisley makes LOTS of sounds. Her newest discovered sounds are  VERY high pitched squeals and very low pitched grunts! She is definitely exploring the range of her vocal cords. She laughs very rarely, so when she does decide to laugh, Chad and I soak it up!

-She is very smiley and with that smile, comes her oh-so-cute dimples! They melt my heart every time I see them!

-She grabs and chews on everything and drool is everywhere! We thinking we might see a tooth in the near future! 

-Naptime is still very inconsistent. She'll nap when she wants to and when she doesn't want to nap, the whole house knows it! (I think she gets her stubbornness from Chad....;-)

-Bedtime and sleeping through the night are getting better. We put Eisley to sleep between 7:15-7:45 each night. She has been waking up twice each night; one time to eat and the other time to wake mommy and daddy up just to prove she's in charge (or to get her pacifier and butt patted until she goes back to sleep!)

We have loved the time we've had with Eisley so far, but this past month has really been our favorite so far (I'm sure each new month will be our new favorite though!). She is growing and learning so much! She is learning to use her hands to grab things, she turns when we call her name, and know what it means when she sees Chad making her bottle.

To sum up the past month...we are blessed!

Here are her 5 month pics:

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Monday, March 17, 2014

Walk, Walk

Enjoying a nice walk outside. Hoping to be outside quite a bit once the weather starts to cooperate! 

Wrigley dog loves going for walks, but only walks so went for a ride in the stroller, too! 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sweet Treat

With the warmer weather the last couple of days, we decided a quick trip to Menchies for some frozen yogurt was in order! They have a new flavor, hazelnut. YUM! 

It's so fun to take Eisley out in the nice weather! We haven't been outside with her this much...well...ever! :-)

Sweet Potatoes and Butternut Squash

Chad and I have been making homemade baby food for Eisley. After finding the right containers to freeze her food in, we have gone to town on making  yummy organic food for her to eat. 

Today's specialty is a mix of sweet potato and butternut squash. 

We think she likes it!