Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Finger foods

We got the "OK" from the doctor today for finger foods. He suggested Nilla Wafers. I'm thinking Eisley liked them!! 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to you and yours from the Harrison family!

Easter is a time to celebrate the resurrection of our savior. Chad and I are so thankful for the many blessings in our lives, especially our savior, Jesus!

My dad was on his way to Florida for work and was able to stop by our house on the way to stay the night and spend time with Eisley. We played outside, colored eggs, and went out to breakfast before he had to get on the road again. It was nice having my dad here, if only just for one night.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Cincy Food Adventure

Chad and I haven't really given Cincinnati a real chance when it's comes to food, so we decided (starting over Spring Break) to start finding and trying new food joints in and around the city. If you know us, this isn't really that much of a challenge. We love to try new foods and find little hidden treasures.

During Spring Break we had a few days when Eisley was at the sitter's, giving Chad and I some much needed "us" time. We decided those days would be perfect to try out some new restaurants!

Here's where we went, what food we tried, and our "rating:"

1. Mokka and the Sunset Bar and & Grill-
We went there for breakfast- YUM! We both ordered different types of breakfast sandwich and a side order of their famous french toast. The french toast is delicious! We want to go back and try their Bison Burger! We give this place 4 (out of 5) stars!

2. Carabello Coffee-
If you like coffee, this is a really cool place with a great story behind it!  It's owned by a christian couple with a mission to bring change to third world countries! Check out their website to see how this place started! The mocha was delicious. I actually added a bit of lavender to my mocha, which was really good! They also serve these little caramels with each coffee...YUM!! 5 stars!

3. Cookie Jar Bakery- (sorry, no website)
The service here was good; an older lady helped us out and gave us recommendations. We picked out a few of our favorite doughnuts and pastries. The eclair was good. The doughnuts didn't last well overnight, and would be better eaten right at the register! We give this place 2 stars.

4. Newport Pizza Company-
This little pizza joint has some really great pizza choices, but if you know Chad, we went plain and simple and ordered cheese. I can't lie, it was yummy! We also ordered their hand-cut, fresh-fried mozzarella bites. We even ordered an extra pizza to take to our friend Bob working down the street at the fire station! 4 stars for this family owned pizza joint!

5. The Rookwood-
We stopped by this place based on a YELP recommendation. We are glad we did! The building itself is really neat (an old pottery factory turned into a restaurant). The menu is unique and offers a great selection of craft beers, which Chad enjoys!  Chad ordered the pastrami sandwich which he liked. I had a simple sandwich with Grippos fries! Yes, I said Grippos fries. They were really good! Overall, we thought the place was a little pricey for lunch, but will probably return for dinner! 3 1/2 stars!

3. The Bowtie Cafe-
This is a little joint in Mount Adams that we decided to try while walking by. I'm glad we did. The cafe is owned (or partially owned) by a former Bengals player. It's very "hipster"  with good coffee. Chad and I went with mochas, which were good. This cafe offers small lunch specials throughout the week which sounded good.  3 1/2 stars.

Don't' worry, we didn't try all these restaurants in one day! We're hoping to try some more and give some reviews over the summer months when we have more time on our hands!

A few fun pics from right outside The Rookwood:

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Eisley's First Zoo visit

Chad and I decided not to travel over Spring Break. Work has really been quite busy and draining; we needed the break to relax and spend time with each other and Eisley at home.

So, we decided to do some things around the Cincinnati area, including the zoo! We decided to buy a zoo membership this year. I say we bought it for Eisley, but I REALLY love going to the zoo, so I guess it was a little for me, too! We have a few friends who also bought memberships, so we're looking forward to making several trips to the zoo this summer!

We mentioned to our friend Lindsay that we were going to take Eisley to the zoo for the first time and she decided to join us. Let me tell you, having another set of hands at the zoo (or anywhere for that matter) is always nice! :) Eisley sure does love her Aunt Lindsay!

Chad brought our good camera on the trip to take some fun pictures. Little did I know that Chad would turn into a National Geographic photographer once he saw animals! He was taking photos through grass, at different angles, etc. It was funny to watch but he did get some REALLY good shots. I won't put all of our pictures on here, just a few of our favorites.

One thing's for sure, we love our local zoo!

We loved our trip, but we were TIRED when we got home! Nap time!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Grandma and Cousin Britt

Chad's mom and niece Brittany came to NKY for a visit! It was a so nice to see them! Chad's mom hasn't seen Eisley since a week after she was born, so she was amazed at how much Eisley has grown and how much personality she has! She took lots of pictures of Eisley and snuggled lots, too.

They came into town on Friday morning which allowed Chad and I to go to dinner (just the two of us- WHOA!) and see a movie. It has been so long since Chad and I went to a dinner and ate actual warm food! :)

Brittany came along for the ride and spent the weekend loving on Eisley! She is a natural with kids. Chad and I spent the weekend trying to convince her to move in with us and watch Eisley full-time! :) We didn't quite convince her, but we haven't given up yet!

We went shopping (grandma bought the cutest dress for Eisley's 6 month pictures!), ate Chick Fil A (grandma and Britt had NEVER had it before!), played Euchre, and stayed up far too late!

Here are a few pictures from our weekend together!