Saturday, June 21, 2014

Friday, June 20, 2014

Squirmin' in the rain

Chad took Eisley outside to play in the rain; I'm not sure she's a fan...

8 Months Old

Eisley is 8 months old!

As we say every single month, it's so hard to believe that she is already 8 months old. Where, oh where, has the time gone?!

Here are a few highlights from this past month:

-She said her first word this month. As you can imagine, it melted our hearts all over again! She said "dada" ON Father's Day. I stinkin' cute! I do have to admit that she refers to everything as "dada," but we still count it as her first word! haha

-Eisley is still on the move. She has started to crawl on her hands and feet (instead of knees) now. We think the hardwood floor hurts her knees. Even on carpet, she still crawls on her hands and feet; we think she does this because she can crawl so much faster.

-She loves to be chased. All you have to say is "I'm gonna get you..." and she giggles and starts to crawl away as fast as she can! It's hilarious. She has also started to chase Wrigley dog, who DOESN'T think it's hilarious at all.

-Eisley has two teeth now. The second tooth seemed to appear overnight about a week after the first tooth. She loves to flick her teeth with her fingers. This means there is drool....everywhere!

-She has started to stand on her own with no support. She stands with her table toys and just lets go. She'll stand for a little while before either falling or grabbing back onto the table. We are convinced this baby will be walking before the end of the summer! (I'll admit- I hope she does walk before Chad and I go back to school so we can be there for her first steps. I don't want to miss that!)

-Eisley has started fighting her naps. I think she wants to explore and go on adventures, but she NEEDS her naps. This baby is like her mama; she doesn't do well without her sleep! We're still working on having her go down for 2 naps a day; however, they are a bit shorter now.

-She has definitely started to show her independent side. She does NOT like hand-over-hand help with...well...anything! She wants to do things HER way. She throws herself back and kicks her feet when she doesn't like something, which, for us (when we have enough sleep) is quite entertaining. 

-She has started to shake her head back and forth for "no." Cute and frustrating all at the same time!
This month has flown by! We are so amazed at how much Eisley has grown this month; not so much physically, but mentally and emotionally! She is really starting to grasp what things are, what they do, and play with intention. It's amazing to see her grow like this. We are looking forward to the rest of the summer together!

 So difficult to photograph a moving, active baby! haha

This face is so funny! "Hey, what are you guys doing??"

Thursday, June 19, 2014


Eisley tried yogurt today and loved it. Yogurt was everywhere!

Eisley had yogurt in her hair; this is what she looked liked after her mini-bath! What a ham!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the dads our there!

We started off the day with breakfast at home on Chad's new pans (yep, you read that right...pans!). Chad had been eyeballing some new ceramic-lined pans for awhile so I surprised him with them! He was so excited about them, he decided to cook the bacon himself! haha!

That afternoon, Chad, Kyle, Eisley, and I went to Terry's Turf Club for lunch. I was a bit nervous about taking Eisley there (if you've been, you know it's SUPER small and a bit cramped), but she did GREAT! Chad also received his second gift of Cincinnati Comic Con tickets!

Later that evening, Chad and I took Eisley to the park in our neighborhood. It was the perfect end to Chad's special day.

Eisley and I are so grateful for Chad and his unconditional love for us. He is a wonderful father and a supportive and loving partner and friend. Happy Father's Day, my love!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Mommy's Night Out

My friend Michele is getting married in July and, in order to celebrate saying goodbye to her single days, we had her bachelorette party.

Last night was my first night away from Eisley...EVER! It was fun to have dinner and spend time with friends, but man, oh man, did I miss being home with my family. I couldn't wait to be back home with Chad and Eisley.

Chad made sure to send me pictures of Eisley while I was gone (I attached one to this blog because you can REALLY see Eisley's TWO bottom cute!)


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

7 Month- 05/20/14

Here a few of this months highlights-

-Eisley is crawling! It took her about a week to actually get moving, but now she is all over the place. She is still unsure about crawling our hardwood floors; but is getting a little braver each day. We definitely had a difficult time getting our photos in this month because Eisley does NOT want to sit still!

-She has one tooth! We knew it was coming in by the look/feel of her gums. She didn't have any typical teething issues for this tooth. She did run a small fever for two nights right before her tooth broke thru the gum, but we're not 100% sure that's what caused the fever. We're hoping all of her teeth coming in will be as stress-free as this one!

-Once she started crawling, she was instantly pulling herself up and trying to climb on everything. She is over the whole "sitting" thing and wants to climb and stand on pretty much anything she can get her hands on. (You can see from one of the photos that she likes to climb up walls, too).

-She is really interested in what's on our plates at the dinner table. She always eye-balls our food and gets excited when we share with her. She also LOVES to drink water out of our glasses. She is drenched at the end of dinner, but it's fun to watch her explore with different foods/drinks.

-We bought a small baby pool for our back patio. Eisley LOVED it. She splashed, kicked, and played with her toys. She has her momma's skin, so we made sure to load her up with a lot of sunscreen before going out in the sun. She may have been born in October, but I think she's a summer baby at heart.

Chad has always told me that after 6 months, babies grow and learn crazy fast. He was right! We have seen Eisley grow and learn so much over the past month. She is learning more about her toys and how to play with them, how to "play" with Wrigley, what her high chair means, and definitely how to explore. It's been fun and so amazing to see her grow.

7-Month Selfie!